No Need To Ask

You might ask

How did we get here

How do we get anywhere

Where we stand isn’t by chance

The Gods didn’t snap their fingers

Or send lightning bolts

Into our divided hearts

From above Spofford Lake looks like a mirror

A giant mirror

If you look closely you can see your own face

You know how it got there

No pondering long hours by candlelight

Over that question

The collective “we” got here

By what “we” lack

What “we” fail to possess

Or own

Read Howard Zinn’s People’s U.S. History

It will keep you up at night

It’s a bloody history

But in an intuitive way

You already knew

How we got here

Didn’t you!



My Patch

My small patch beliefs

is nurtured daily by sunny thoughts

I water it with the dew of inspiration

and bask in its sturdy growth