August Light Askance

It’s something to do with the light

The yellow

Soft like a baby’s skin in the dying day

A reminder

That time passes

While you stood still

Wasting it

Then there is this angst

The one you’re familiar with but ignored

As if you forgot to remember

That you’re just a little bit older

And all the while your frayed meniscus


It’s all part of the design, the plan

Your minister tells you

The one you have as much faith in

As if the Marlins win the world series

There is an immenseness you cannot understand

Life, what is it?

You’re here

But why?

And where is here?

The politicians duke it out!

A nut blows away 16 kids

The Queen turns 95

Your Mom breathes her last

The 20 somethings rock to the Fab 4

Your X has a baby boy

Tensions continue between Kashmir and India

Our President embarrasses the crap out of you

Then you take her hand

And you remember

What you had forgotten

You had been in a hurry

Running, running, running

Trying to catch up

To what it was

That made sense!



Go Fly a Kite

We take our kids to the ocean beach

to dig a grand sand castle

and play in the splashy surf

a day away from the city hustle,

Lunch at the fish and chips stand

with ice cream treats for all

then toss our big kite windward

high and away going so tall,

Our big kite lifts our kids on high

and away it goes into a cloud

to a landing on the Isle o’ Skye

as we all joyfully shout out loud

Go Fly a Kite!