Response to letter from Rebecca Montrone (“What pandemic are we reacting to?,” Sept. 24):

Yes, you are missing many things.

Yes New Hampshire is small in population, coronavirus cases and deaths — unlike much of the United States and the world.

You are discounting 7,027,348 cases in the U.S. and 203,549 deaths, as of Sept. 25, along with over 7 million cases and 500,000+ deaths worldwide.

Until a vaccine is available, the only tools we have to fight the pandemic right now are face masks and social distancing, which time after time shows its effectiveness.

Having survived two viruses in the past, causing heart damage and lung disease, along with my age, I am grateful for people wearing face masks. Nobody likes wearing them, but you are saving my life. If I contracted the virus it could be the end for me.

The economy is slowly improving. I continue to be astounded at those who think the worldwide pandemic is fake.


350 Athol Richmond Road Royalston, Mass.