To live free is to have the freedom to choose actions which do not negatively impact others. Being free to choose in the case of COVID is not an option when your choice endangers the lives of others.

The goal of vaccination is to stop the spread of COVID and its variants in a country of 325 million people. Wearing masks and distancing indoors and in crowded areas and getting vaccinated are the tools which will enable us to reach that goal. Common sense.

It doesn’t take a college education to use common sense and using common sense is simple when it comes to COVID and the delta variant, which is so highly contagious. The freedom to choose goes out the window when the consequence is sickness and death of those around us.

Just look at Florida, Alabama and Texas, where hospitals are overwhelmed and being occupied by children with COVID. Even idiots should be able to understand this. So get vaccinated and wear a mask because it can be a case of life or death.



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