John-Michael Dumais (“Where’s the proof vaccines are safe?” Aug. 27) still seeks to muddy the waters about the COVID vaccine.

He says, “you might want to ask how over 17,000 people became permanently disabled after vaccination.” Unfortunately for Mr. Dumais’ credibility, this statement is demonstrably false.

Other than perhaps in his active imagination, there is not an iota of clinical or reporting evidence that “17,000 people became permanently disabled after vaccination." The website that contains this false information is “,” not a government reporting website and not in any way connected with VAERS, the real real data reporting site.

Luckily, the VAERS reporting site is searchable, and it shows that of 369,952,000 doses of the COVID vaccine in the United States, there have been “reported” 187 events of “total disability” (reports include self-reporting so there is no way to know if the disability occurred as a result of vaccination or of a subsequent accident or other health event, or if it was temporary).

Let’s put that number in context for Mr. Dumais: 187 events out of a total of about 370 million jabs equals 0.00005 percent possibility of harm. Compare that to the chances of getting struck by lightning, which is 0.0065 percent.

Mr. Dumais then references a “Harvard study” that supposedly shows “less than 1 percent of vaccine injuries make it into the VAERS system.” Except the study he references is not from Harvard, it is from Harvard Pilgrim, an insurance company, and has a release date in 2010 — long before COVID hit.

A bigger question is, why does The Sentinel continue to publish letters that contain no factual basis and are dangerously misleading?



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