Please consider voting for Bobby Williams for Ward 2 city councilor in the upcoming election. Bobby is a family man, local business owner, and has a wealth of experience from years of working at the United Nations. He would serve the city well, with integrity and respect.

As a city councilor, Bobby wants to focus on issues that will improve the quality of life in Keene’s neighborhoods. This includes stewardship of the natural environment, broadening the city’s transportation options and fixing dilapidated sidewalks. As a technology expert, he also wants to ensure the city is equipped to handle emerging issues like cybersecurity and managing the deployment of 5G cellular infrastructure.

As a relative newcomer to Keene, Bobby has shown his enthusiasm for the city in many ways. He has volunteered to help the salamanders on North Lincoln Street in the spring, participating in the Source to Sea cleanup program this September by hauling 50 lbs. of trash and debris out of Beaver Brook in Ward 2, and attended City Council and committee meetings, among other things.

You can learn more about Bobby Williams at his website,

Please join me in voting for Bobby Williams for Ward 2 councilor on Nov. 5.


68 South Lincoln St.