I agree with Jennifer Horn: The presidency of Donald Trump “is a cancer on our republic.”

I urge you to read Horn’s column in USA Today (published July 19, and updated July 22).

Horn is a former state Republican Party chair. A headline on her op-ed read, in part: “Trump has transformed the party of Lincoln into a racist, nationalist movement that divides and destroys.”

Horn wants Republican leaders, especially Republicans in Congress, to rise up against Trump’s “revolting rhetoric.”

Chris Sununu is a Republican leader. And Chris Sununu — it turns out — is scheduled to stand on stage near Trump at the latter’s Manchester rally on Aug. 15.

I hope, by Aug. 15 Sununu has read Jennifer Horn’s USA Today column. I hope by then that he still remembers the oath he took when he was sworn into office.

And thus I hope, by Aug. 15, that Chris Sununu is at long last ready to announce — like Jennifer Horn before him — that he “fully reject the ugly, racist, destructive politics of Donald Trump.”


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