Annie Kuster’s campaign team sent out an email in response to my latest letter to The Sentinel (“I hope the insurrection does better next time,” April 26). In their attempt to solicit more campaign contributions they claim that I showed no remorse for my crimes.

My only question is why would I apologize for a riot she started? It was Annie Kuster and her cronies who stole the 2020 election. She forcibly closed down New Hampshire businesses, schools, and barred families from gathering. She forced us to wear masks and worse, she wants to mandate our health care.

Now, magically, Annie is pretending she never committed these egregious injustices. She distracts her followers from their diminishing freedoms by pandering to their feelings over Roe vs. Wade. I might be an insurrectionist, but at least I’m not a baby-killing election thief.

I will be residing in the minimum-security facility know as Devens FMC in Ayer, Mass. Feel free to write me; we have a lot of work to do. It’s time for Annie Kuster’s last stand, and I’m Chief Crazy Horse.




(Note: As a would-be candidate for Congress ought to know, that body had no role in the state executive actions that closed schools and businesses during the height of the pandemic, nor has it ever barred families from gathering.)

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