I served for 14 years as Marlborough’s town moderator after two years as an assistant. I am familiar with the primary election system in New Hampshire.

The secretary of state oversees the elections and the taxpayers, the people, pay for the elections. The ballot printing and salaries are paid for by the people with their taxes. The very idea that the election is owned by any particular party is ludicrous. The people are choosing the top two candidate names that will appear on every voter’s ballot.

I, for one, am very tired of the GOP trying to control everything to their liking over the people’s best interest. The governor is afraid of the lunacy of his party’s base. He keeps placating the base at the expense of the people. The GOP party has become un-American. Abraham Lincoln would not recognize today’s GOP. Bob Dole would not recognize today’s GOP. Dwight Eisenhower would not recognize today’s GOP.

I worked for George McGovern when I was in college. When I went into business, I voted Republican. I became so disgusted with the GOP that during the last midterm primary, I changed to an undeclared status.

Rep. David Love, sponsor of House Bill 1166 (“Proposed legislation would limit New Hampshire’s primary elections to party voters,” The Sentinel, Dec. 28) needs a civics lesson. He states that his bill to limit primary election to party members only is, “in order to keep it the way an election is intended to be.” The election is and should be for the registered voter to be able to choose the next office holder. The parties should not be able to dictate who that will be.

The primary as it is now structured is the thing that people complained to me the most about when I was town moderator. The fact that they were registered in one party, but unable to vote for the candidate of their choice because that person was in the other party frustrated more people than I could count. So many fewer people actually voted in the primary than did in the general election because they did not want to be branded. Something is wrong there. Let’s face it. The primary election is our run-off contest. Why do we want to limit the people participating?

When the GOP wants to pay all of the costs out of their treasury, I will listen to their argument. But only listen.



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