Dear voters of N.H. District 2:

I am running for election to represent you in the U.S. Congress, opposing Ann Kuster. It has cost $50 to do so, plus the filling out of a simple two-page form. It’s that easy; you can do it in 2022.

My heart is independent, progressive and libertarian, but I run as a Democrat because they need more help than Republicans, and are more likely to change. Libertarians look to empower you with freedom and lower taxes. True progressives (and Greens) look to empower you with security (e.g. universal health care, a living wage, and environmental protections).

Democratic and Republican leaderships are both motivated by increasing power and money to Washington. They look to reduce your freedoms and charge you more in taxes for that service. These are the only two parties on New Hampshire’s ballot. Democrats and Republicans both support endless war, which is counterproductive and expensive.

Ballot access and voter fraud are homeland oppression issues. It would be nice if the Green and Libertarian parties — both antiwar — were allowed on the New Hampshire ballot. This would be an easy legislative fix (change 4 percent to 1 percent in the relevant New Hampshire ballot access laws). Please discuss this with your legislators.

Both major parties cheat in elections. New Hampshire should spot check the Democratic Party 2020 primary machine counts. “Democracy Lost: a Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries” is an informative read (free online) — see the executive summary and the tables on pages 39-40.

The USA has lost its way when it comes to 1) foreign aggression; 2) homeland oppression; 3) debt, both national and college debt; and 4) the highest incarceration rate in the world. Ann Kuster and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen put party first; they do not represent you or even their conscience. They seem to be willfully blind.

The Keene Sentinel has kindly published many of my letters. Search my name on their website to find what I stand for. I supported Bernie in 2016; Tulsi, Yang and Marianne in 2020. I plan to spend very little money, as I did when I ran unsuccessfully for school board and City Council (bios, Sentinel website).

There will be no signs, mailings, robocalls nor emails from me. I will not coordinate with others, not even Putin. I will depend on free social media, word of mouth and the diligence of the press and voters.


641 Park Ave.