My name is Tommy Greenough. I’m 17, an activist for human, environmental and animal rights. I’m the crew leader for Earth Guardians Jaffrey, NH, and have helped my family with things like presidential races since I was 6.

The reason I’m a conscientious objector (CO for short) is because I was sick of seeing what goes on around the world; seeing people, humans, die for war. I was sick of seeing babies being killed in war zones. I was sick of seeing people’s lives get changed for the worse in times of war. I was sick of going to Memorial Day speeches and hearing about more and more people that have lost their lives since the year before. I was sick of not taking a real stand.

I wrote to people like Patch Adams (who is CO himself) to ask him how to be a CO … He said to just be a CO, to live your live peacefully, to talk about why war isn’t good. He also sent me a video he made from one of his trips to Kabul. The horror I felt from seeing what war has done to those people was unbelievable: to see babies so sad and hurt that they didn’t play with a balloon; or to see adults so depressed that just seeing people be silly made their day. This just made me more cemented in my stances.

All of the documentaries and videos I have seen over the years made me know that I will never take part in the military-industrial complex. Not out of disrespect for our soldiers, but the opposite. I respect them so much that I don’t want them or the people they are fighting to lose their lives any more.

In closing, I know being a CO is what I was always meant to be, and have really been all along. To save people and this planet from more wars. I saw a poll that showed how many years of your life war has been going on for … well for me, war has been going on for my whole life. And I want to change that and stop the bloodshed. So please join me in being COs and help stop wars for good.

Peace and love,


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