A letter to the Keene City Council:

Dear City Councilors,

I was informed today (Aug. 14, 2019) that Project Share, which has operated out of the cellar of the Keene Parks and Recreation building on Washington Street for the past 50 years, will be closing its doors for good at the end of this year.

I was told this is because the Keene city government’s newly instituted rent of $600 per month is just impossible to pay. Project Share, over its five decades of service, has provided a tremendous service to the economically disadvantaged residents of Keene by providing good, clean, used merchandise at low prices; mainly clothing, household items and children’s toys.

Is there any possibility that the $600 per month rent demand could be waived, or at least reduced to an affordable amount to allow this worthy institution to continue to serve the residents of Keene?

If the taxpayers of Keene can spend $171,500 on the new Main Street crosswalk for the benefit of Keene State College students, might they not consider forgoing $600 per month rent for the benefit of so many Keene residents?



15 Cobb St.