Living in our new COVID-19 world: Without vision, the people perish. Vision means context, perspective, exposure to contrasting views. Why then do we see sweeping censorship developing? Why is so much news presented devoid of context, offering us only a tunnel vision? Examples:

Newspaper headlines: Day after day we are given numbers of COVID deaths and new cases. Yet, these are absolutely meaningless without context. How do these deaths compare with other years, such as 2018, when flu had a high mortality? What’s the mortality from all causes this year compared with previous years? Keene Sentinel, please give us context!

Face masks etc: After the pandemic was declared in March, face masks and social distancing entered our lives. At that time, medical advice from the CDC, WHO, and from Dr. Fauci was clear: Masks should NOT be worn by healthy people. Now the authorities seem to be encouraging masks as a kind of good citizenship. As a result, we see people on bicycles, jogging, driving alone in cars wearing masks.

The basic medical facts have not changed: Masks actively block respiration, increasing CO2 concentrations in the blood and decreasing oxygen levels — clearly not supporting health. I have always been super-sensitive to low oxygen and high CO2 levels. I would faint in crowded rooms lacking adequate ventilation. I now feel forced to wear masks in stores. But I only shop for a few minutes. Essential workers everywhere are now forced to eight hours or more of mask wearing.

I believe it’s time for a vigorous discussion on mask wearing and its effect on public health. This is especially urgent since the plan to reopen schools includes seven hours of mask wearing for healthy children, as well as eliminating recess.

As a retired teacher, I consider this insanity. But what I think is not important. I believe that the Monadnock area’s medical and educational professionals should start serious discussions of the side effects of mask wearing. I believe the consensus reached in such discussions might have a healthy influence on local and national policies.

Let us have the courage to question what comes from Washington!


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