The Washington, D.C., furor over federal spending dominates media coverage week after week, as the majority seeks to spend another $4.5 trillion the government doesn’t have. We are warned that this money is desperately needed for national infrastructure, plus expansion of existing federal “entitlement” programs. Is it all true? Or are they just blowing smoke again?

Perhaps the best indicator of the truth is Congress’ epic mismanagement of its two biggest social welfare programs, Social Security and Medicare. At last check, these programs are reported to face deficits of more than $100 trillion over the next 30 years. That’s right: $100 trillion!

Medicare is projected to run out of money in less than five years, and Social Security payments are due to be slashed just seven years later. Yet no one in Congress is doing anything to avert this financial catastrophe for more than 70 million Americans. This is an unconscionable dereliction of Congress’ fiduciary duty.

If Congress cannot competently run the two largest welfare programs in America, how can anyone possibly trust them with even more trillions to spend? Moreover, why are they wasting valuable time on a piddling $4.5 trillion debate, instead of fixing the $100 trillion disaster already staring them in the face?

Not a single member of the Congressional majority deserves re-election next year. Not one! All of them deserve to be fired for knowingly fiddling while the largest financial fiasco of all time is about to burn the life savings of tens of millions of Americans.