By now, some 36 months after the Electoral College dumped the worst and most-criminal political hack in U.S. history into the Oval Office, Americans should be seeing just how perilous the situation really is. But I fear that there are still too many people who, blinded by greed or ignorance or just plain stupidity, think we need another four years of the degenerate who is masquerading as POTUS.

We need a real person as president, not some made-for-television wannabe whose mind works like a fireworks display in a heavy fog bank — lots of muted flashes that don’t seem connected in any way. Trump has shown us what a stunningly bad politician is like — and sadly, many congressional Republicans seem to love the garbage he is serving up daily to them.

I cannot figure it out. It’s as if Trump is the effluence from a sewer drain, spreading corruption and pollution over everything it encounters, and his zombie-like followers are with hands outstretched crying, “more please.”

The bile that comes from Trump and Company is curdling everything good and decent in our culture. The criminality of this administration is beyond question — administration members commit crimes right before our eyes. And then they even talk about their criminality on television, brazenly telling us to “get over it!” (Mick Mulvaney’s very own words).

And who among us is not by now tired of the lies and utterly worthless trash coming from Donald Trump, a 73-year-old juvenile delinquent.

This is not even to mention the illegal reactions to legitimately ordered subpoenas (Latin for “under penalty”) that are served on Trump associates, and summarily ignored by them. It’s about time that Congress started putting some “poena” in those summonses, perhaps with handcuffs and a stay in the hoosegow. It’s what we ordinary citizens might expect to happen to us if we ignore a subpoena from a legitimate authority.

I realize that Trump and Associates (e.g., loudmouths Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz) don’t consider the Congress to be a legitimate authority in these matters. But they are wrong … constitutionally wrong.

Really, the only illegitimate authority involved is Trump himself, who was launched into office by the artificial mechanism of the Electoral College. In 2016 Trump lost by 3 million votes; in 2020 he is expecting to lose by as many as 5 million and still retain office due to the Electoral College.

We voters had better be thinking about what to do about this.


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