A few comments on a well done Jan. 18-19 article “Eye on the Ballot Box”:

Truth telling, transparency and a demonstrated commitment to follow the spirit and intent of our election laws that ensure public accountability would go a long way in winning my trust in New Hampshire elections.

The duty of local officials is to protect our constitutional rights and comply with election laws that direct them to do so. If we see they are biased, corrupt, or not fulfilling their job, it is voters’ responsibility to replace them.

Law requires all vote counting to be done in public so we can observe and know local officials are protecting our votes. New Hampshire violates the law by pretending concealed vote counting (that may or not be accurate) is fulfilling government’s responsibility to us.

Pre-election ballot testing only shows the computer is counting accurately when tested. As the VW emissions scandal showed, the computer can be programmed to perform differently in “election mode.” There can be a glitch or other problem that affects vote totals. Search for “Diebold AccuVote” and you’ll see why the election night verification count of contests most vulnerable to tampering is such common sense and the recommendation of a state advisory group in 2009.

Why the change in October 2016? The attorney general ignored two citizens’ complaints, supported by evidence, that the deputy secretary of state violated the law by interfering with a moderator fulfilling her constitutional duty to voters in compliance with all election laws.

Legislative leaders ignored a request from more than 30 citizens for an independent investigation of that action that would have probably resulted in disciplinary action against the deputy secretary of state. Was the attorney general biased? Is the secretary of state “above the law”? Looks that way to me! Those individuals are NOT accountable to us.

New Hampshire voters deserve elections and officials we have reason to trust. HB 1390 will bring us back to the transparent, accountable election system our state constitution requires. http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill — status/Results.aspx?q=1&txtbillnumber=hb1390&txtsessionyear=2020

I invite local and state officials to work with us to make the bill better.

Tell the truth. Show us the ballots. Show you are willing to admit mistakes, correct them and stand up for and with voters. Win our trust, Mr. Gardner. Let’s talk!


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