The phenomenon of Trumpism is he achieves the office of the greatest responsibility for a long time without doing anything of substance.

Trump is a master of manipulating the media to keep the focus on himself while doing nothing. There are others of celebrity status whom we celebrate for being transparent about their shortcomings. If you have a drinking problem, what better way to promote your brand than to post that ordeal on social media under the pose of helping others to come forth with their demon while all the while gaining currency for yourself?

Us old-timers remember when people got embarrassed by their bad behavior. No kidding! When they talked about their drinking problem or gambling addiction, they would actually get red in the face and break out in a sweat and look away because they were embarrassed. Back in the ’50s that used to happen.

A variation on that theme is The Apology from white men over sexual naughtiness. It goes like this, “Ten years ago, I think I shared an elevator with this Sally woman, who seems to have me confused with someone else, and if I was inappropriate in any way, which is hard to believe, because we only went two floors, then, I guess I’m sorry.”

If we want greater social justice in our society, people are just going to have to get embarrassed more and not be celebrated when they haven’t earned it.

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