Dear Bernie Sanders,

In early 2016 your ability to run in the Democratic presidential primaries was challenged. It would have been disastrous if your campaign had to face this state by state. Suddenly this cleared up. Why? Was there a deal?

In the debates, you pulled punches. You protected Hillary by discounting the email controversy. You might instead have asked what Hillary was hiding. This question didn’t occur to the FBI leadership either; seems a common mistake, in her case.

There were superdelegates and the absence of mainstream media coverage for your huge crowds and fresh approach. In May 2016, six weeks before the convention, published four articles analyzing Hillary’s primary vote, counts far exceeding her exit polls; these excessive vote counts were coincident with election irregularities (voter purges, malfunctioning voting machines ...). In the California primary, Hillary almost immediately led by 400,000 votes — absentee and early voting, said CNN. Hillary ended ahead by 365,000. Exit polling had disappeared.

In late July, the American Statistical Association published a 100-page paper (“Democracy Lost: A Report on the Fatally Flawed Democratic Primaries”) confirming CounterPunch’s analyses. There were 12 states where Hillary’s vote counts exceeded the bounds of statistical limitation; none for you. Page 39 measures the 12 states. Trump received little exit-poll disparity versus Republicans.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out as head of the DNC, replaced with Donna Brazile, who had passed debate questions to Hillary before a CNN debate. Tulsi Gabbard quit the DNC board in disgust at your treatment. Seth Rich was murdered — conspiracy theorists say Rich had passed DNC data and emails to Wikileaks. Evidence was rapid data transfer, like a thumb drive, not a slower hack over waves and/or wires, i.e. Russia — see Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

Anyone paying attention knew that you were being cheated in multiple ways. Yet you supported Hillary and the DNC who stood opposite you in every progressive issue except identity politics (maybe). Hillary served corporations and the financial elite, who you called corrupt and greedy.

You never said a word publicly about this election fraud; instead, you supported those who had stolen your supporters’ primary votes. All those little contributions, averaging $27, yet you cooperated in nullifying their votes. You defrauded the little people, in my opinion; you were dishonest, irresponsible, disloyal and cowardly, not presidential. Please explain your behavior.


641 Park Ave.


(Note: Law enforcement has thoroughly debunked any link between the murder of Seth Rich and the leaking of hacked Democratic National Committee emails.)