In the early morning of Jan. 17, Marvin Herndon was on “Coast-to-Coast” on WKBK radio. He spoke of the airplanes whose exhausts leave patterns in the sky (chemtrails). His website is Coincidentally, I saw and photographed them over Keene at around 3 p.m. that afternoon.

I had seen chemtrails before, several years ago above Keene, and called the N.H. Air National Guard. I asked what they were, and wasn’t the Guard there to protect us. The man on the phone laughed and told me that they were the “price of democracy.”

I called again Jan. 17 (603-430-2453). This time I was told that he would file a complaint and someone would get back to me; two weeks later, nothing yet. I also called The Sentinel, and was told no photographer was available.

Herndon thinks that the aerosol being sprayed is coal fly ash and is toxic — bad for plants, bad for breathing — as it descends. He said it is a worldwide phenomenon carried out by militaries who wish to control weather and are allowed secrecy. He thinks it may be part of a U.N. globalist agenda related to climate change, and the real effort is to manufacture consent for another middle class tax, a worldwide carbon tax (see France’s Yellow Vests and the N.H. Legislature for details).

I posted photos, but a photo from Walpole that my Facebook friend sent me was much better. Herndon doesn’t have to be right, but shouldn’t we know what Walpole and Keene were bombed with, and why, on Jan. 17?

Likely some people in Washington were convinced that additional cloud-cover would mitigate global warming. Budgets and contracts, once made, are hard to unwind, no matter their lack of wisdom. Herndon thinks that holding moisture longer in clouds creates drying on the ground first, then large dumps of precipitation quickly. He is especially worried about California’s fires and floods. See his website for more information.

P.S.: I am neither a climate-change alarmist nor a climate-change denier, but I believe we should end fossil-fuel subsidies.


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