We had heard whispers, however we are truly thunderstruck with the sad news that the wonderful St. James Thrift Shop has closed permanently.

This shop was a special place serving so many needs. It has always been a unique and respected place. Always sparkling and with delightful ladies. Many became friends who often helped and shepherd many needy souls along and made them feel special, and helped cheer and direct many who always felt so much better when leaving the shop.

Many years ago, a friend said why don’t you bring your things there for them to sell and support the church and their many charities? We had the pleasure of meeting Sally, Holly and so many who truly enjoyed having something special to do. We rarely left empty handed.

If the building is sold why not rent a space and continue these good deeds and a new vein of enthusiasm will follow. There are a lot of good reasonably priced spaces around Keene to be had.

Friends will support your much-loved charity. That will be very much needed in these most difficult times for so many in the years ahead. Please reconsider your difficult decision. We know that surely this was not easy, but perhaps can be reconsidered in the month ahead.

Thank you for all of the great things this shop has done and perhaps it can come back to life for the good of so many.

Respectfully yours.



54 Anderson Road