I’m not one to endorse candidates, as few seem to represent my viewpoint or consider my needs. At 60, I’ve seen this play out over and over. But this year is different. For 45 of my 60 years, the nation kept trending right. Always rightward. Sometimes a hiatus, but then again trending right.

The Republican Party has a long-term plan. The elephant has a memory of some renown. It plays the long game. And it works.

Political strategists, including the great influencer Grover Norquist, have pushed both political parties to the right. A wonderful contrivance, this shrinking of the political spectrum. Making American a center-right nation.

For this election, political sages and newspapers urge us to moderation. Take baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So be patient. And choose moderation.

But not for me. It is time for substantial pushback. A reclaiming of the wider political spectrum. The marketplace of ideas should be open to more than the blinders Norquist has put on us.

Time to see the horizon. The sun. Time to vote for the grumpy guy from Vermont. Push. Back. Vote Bernie.


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