Ken Jue’s March 24 letter to the editor (“Those targeted can use some support”) was a forthright yet dignified appeal to our better nature.

What Ken asks of his community is simply this: During this recent swell of anti-Asian American behavior across our country, let’s all stand with those who experience explicit or subtle incidents of racial targeting. Ken is right. Our understanding and support could make a significant difference in how Asian Americans feel about their physical and psychological safety within society.

If you’ve had the good fortune to get to know Ken during his many decades as a positive force in Keene and the Monadnock Region, his letter likely did not surprise you. He names what he sees and feels, and then offers wise and thoughtful solutions to address what may be going wrong.

Ken Jue is synonymous with truth, commitment, loyalty, and getting things done on behalf of those who require assistance and support. He has been there when others have needed help. Now, on behalf of Asian Americans, he is asking us to step up.

I intend not to let him down. I hope you’ll join me.