I completely agree with 7th-grader Jarrett Fisk in regard to future use of plastic bags.(“Plastic bags kill marine animals,” Reader Opinion, May 11).

He is a young man who is more informed of his surroundings than many adults. He tells how his nature walks and fishing outings are interrupted by the sight of animals that have died from discarded plastic bags. He reminds us we are killing an enormous amount of wildlife with our careless disposal of plastic bags and what we should do to correct the problem.

We need more of his kind to inform our adult population how to correctly deal with our increasing plastic disposal problems. Wake up people, and listen to the words of a concerned citizen who is not in the least pleased with what we are leaving him to contend with the rest of his life.

I think we owe this young man and his entire young generation an apology for leaving them such a contaminated and depleted earth. Mankind has been nothing but killers of everything on Earth with our waste materials for years and it is finally going to include ourselves unless more people like this concerned young man can stop such careless living habits.

I am truly sorry that I have not done more to keep such a huge and tragic problem from being passed on to him to solve.


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