Jack Mayes had it right in 1962; I was 15 and I was there. They kept kicking me out of school for long hair and because a guidance counselor told me I was lazy, they made me take his comparative government class — it opened my eyes. The resounding theme of the course was that we are special in the world because we control the government, unlike Soviet and Red Chinese citizens who were slaves to it.

History has a way of repeating itself; things go full circle. First, in 1965, the Great Society got underway and that set us on a path that made the Soviets and Chinese competitors, not enemies. Oppression is all about control and control works best in an arrangement where a tiny nucleus of elites pushes all the buttons. Intellectuals in the U.S. were secretly envious of the Communist way and they viewed checks and balances as inconveniences and obstacles.

The people? Well, they’re way too stupid to control anything. Like the Soviets and Chinese, the people are regarded as children too unwise to control their fates. This is evident in Hong Kong where the people confront government tear gas and bullets with umbrellas.

Any usable lessons from Hong Kong’s struggle to hold on to democracy are lost on the residents of Keene as they rejoice in the government’s attempts to purge an elected president that threatens central planning.

Keene’s population is a case study in the cognitive and developmental devastation that occurs with bad education disguised as a righteous guiding light. The wretched human flotsam of the Great Society is ubiquitous on city sidewalks and sanctuary city status is just around the corner — a sad commentary on a once beautiful city.

Past Keene State College president, Anne Huot, imposed butt-covering, Stasi-like restrictions on students and faculty at the school — an unabashed attack on free speech. The Keene Sentinel and WKBK mounted no vigorous defense of press freedom. The only reason Huot is gone is because she embarrassed the city nationally and reduced the college’s bottom line. The college responded by cutting the funding for the college newspaper — asking the wrong questions gets you a seat on the first stage out of town — Pravda is the state-approved way to go.

People in Keene are in a dictated rage state. They don the aluminum foil hats of impeachment and run amok like air raid wardens. They do what they are told by the planners.


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