The last time I wrote was over 100 days ago, and I must admit: What a difference having a grownup with empathy on Pennsylvania Avenue makes.

Joe’s been settling in with the most diverse Cabinet ever, getting to work, making headlines the old-fashioned way, by making bridges, instead of burning them.

I think the new vice president is finding her way, delving into problems south of the border, a stunning example for our youth. I’m looking forward to some well-thought-out actions from the rest of us as well.

Emerging from this COVID nightmare gives us a chance to pursue new horizons. For myself, the possibility of a community bike shop remains but an idea.

The gun nuts have been exercising their “right” to mass murder; I’ll go out on a limb and say American people will not stand that for long.

Only 5 percent of Americans are members of the NRA, yet that venerable institution manipulates the Republicans into kowtowing to every demand. A well-regulated militia, my elbow.

Speaking of Republican foibles, a bit of selective amnesia is sweeping many state legislatures to try and erase the varied bloody history of our American nation here between Mexico and Canada.

Many lives have been disregarded in the pursuit of the American dream, until lately open only to white, purebred males. Once the notion that all people of all races and tendencies are entitled to equality takes hold, then we arrive at our true future.

Forgotten massacres such as Tulsa and other cities in the last 100 years need reconciliation. I have heard of Black enclaves in New Hampshire that were similarly mistreated in the 1920s, right here in the shadow of Monadnock.

Whether Jim Crow made it to New Hampshire or not, there is evidence by the absence of diversity. This requires illumination. Many abolitionists were active and the Underground Railroad notwithstanding, any racism and police brutality should not be swept under the rug of history. To fully examine our motivations, and inaction, needs to be foremost in our education.

Adults need to accept whatever part they have played. Children learn what they live. They are very sensitive to hypocrisy and seem to know what is fair and point this out to their elders. We ignore them at our peril. Let’s move forward with integrity and get vaccinated, or suffer the results of ignorance.

Go roundaboutly!