Our failure with guns is our failure to adapt to circumstances.

The Second Amendment was written 230 years ago. Why do we believe it is still relevant? No one 230 ago walked into Ye Old Blacksmith Shop and opened fire with his flintlock musket. Now, people do it all the time, and we do nothing to protect ourselves from having it happen again.

The values seem to be inverted — the right to bear arms is more meaningful than the right to life. When I was a boy, people smoked cigarettes all the time — everywhere. It was thought sophisticated. Many of us smoked to make ourselves more grown up. Then the discovery of cancer and smoking, and today, you don’t see smoking nearly as much.

People used to drive drunk, and if there was an accident, it was considered an accident, and there was no criminal liability for the driver. Again that has changed. These are two examples of people changing their behavior when negative information is presented to them.

I’ve lived long enough to have learned that life is constantly changing and the trick is to adapt. When you see that not happening, you can pretty much bet, it’s only going to get worse.