Integrity, honesty, courageously walking straight to the Capitol building’s front door, no slinking in the side door. Marie Yovonovich, you are my hero!

Career governmental employees of the male variety are not doing this, though they may have equal or more knowledge and reason to do the same. We need more such women in our political scene from town council representatives to president of the USA.

With one phone call to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey, our “genius” occupant of the White House has unleashed an irreversible torrent of blood-letting in the Middle East, most of it upon our once valued allies, the Kurds.

Yes, even Republicans are appropriately aghast and flapping about with verbal condemnation and pious statements that “We Must Do Something,” implying there is a fix. There isn’t. Like tornadoes and hurricanes, the only fix is preparation. Once it manifests, building a shelter or covering the windows is impossible.

Kurds are being beheaded and well over 100,000 people have fled, and the imprisoned ISIS fighters and their families are now free. These events have forced the Kurds to ally with the president of Syria, once our enemy for his treatment of his people.

What a gift to Russia, which supported Bashar al-Assad all along; to ISIS, which can now re-constitute its caliphate; to Iran, which has sought a way to threaten Israel since forever; and, obviously to Turkey.

How this affects Iraq, Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries remains to be seen. With ISIS blooming again, we can count on terrorist attacks and suicide bombings all over Europe and the USA.

The tornado is here and we have no shelter. All of this unleashed with one phone call. Can you imagine what havoc this traitorous occupant of the White House can do in the next 15 months?

Russia can grab Ukraine. Russia and Exxon-Mobil can destroy the arctic with drilling for oil and gas in their joint venture (see Rachel Maddow’s “Blowout” for details), a possible tipping point in climate change from which we can’t recover.

North Korea, China, and others can attack and cripple us with cyber or nuclear warfare. But we have our fossil fuels, cellphones and billionaires — not to worry.

Notice all of the above actors are men? Interesting, yes?

Notice the main thrust is for power and money, against caring for families, environment, dignity, love?


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