Sometimes the obvious gets lost.

Nipping at the effects of a problem rarely results in anything but wasted time and effort. We have ignored the mentally ill in our society for too long. Solving mental illness will reduce virtually every public health issue; including homelessness and gun violence. Mental health issues are universal. This is the real discrimination issue today and it will have huge benefits when we succeed. Where is the political will?

Anyone being honest would agree the only way to hold a valid vote of citizens is to require a way to determine voter identity, citizenship and residence status before a ballot is issued. A government issued ID is an economical and simple way to do this. How can the value of a legitimate vote be protected without this requirement?

The single biggest environmental challenge today is not climate change. Not even close. It is the depopulation and pollution of oceans by the fishing and transport industries. Nearly half of the identified plastic in the oceans is discarded fishing gear; including nets that continue to kill after being discarded. It is the real present danger; we know it, we have the technologies developed and can fix it now; but the political will does not exist. Keene’s council may feel good about virtue signaling with worthless initiatives, but if the oceans die, the human race dies. Why is this ignored?

Border security is fundamental to the existence of a nation. All other related policies are immaterial unless there is a reliable system to stop, evaluate and turn away people and materials that come to the border. How is this controversial?

Politicians are not leaders in our system. They are representatives who are to act in accord with our beliefs and values in our stead. The inability of this crop of elected officials to focus on what matters to the country and the world is not a laughing matter. It is dangerous.

Regardless of our differences we need politicians who can and will do better.