We are on the verge of a climate crisis that will have serious long-term impacts on our society and our population, and which will substantially change the ecology of our planet for a very long time.

It’s a climate crisis that we humans caused through these actions:

1. We mined, refined, and burned fossil fuels that had not been associated with the atmosphere for millions of years.

2. The burning of these fuels over the last couple of centuries released vast quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (1 gallon of gasoline produces 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide when combusted).

3. Carbon dioxide absorbs the sun’s energy and re-radiates it as heat — the greenhouse effect.

4. This results in higher temps which melt polar ice, thaw permafrost, release methane, acidify our oceans and, thus, alter and amplify, in dangerous ways, weather patterns long-term.

The fossil fuel companies and their investors spend millions each year fostering denial of these simple facts. They do this to sustain their billions in subsidies and profits.

When do we say “enough?”

How do we say it so that finally, we are heard and listened to?

How do we get our leadership to stop denying, to stop talking and act?


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(This writer, a Democrat, represents Hillsborough District 38 in the N.H. House.)