Change is coming. Change is always coming. It is inevitable.

In the face of unrelenting change we face a choice. We can stand proud and ignorant in the face of a flooding mountain stream, fearful of the unknown. Or we can seek to understand the forces at work and guide the waters of change in a direction which will benefit us all. I choose the latter. I choose Bernie Sanders.

I believe strongly that Donald Trump, and all that brought him to power, represents the last gasp of a culture intent on fighting the inevitable; a culture that either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that what they believe to be prosperity is being purchased at far too high a price; a culture and, by extension, an economy that is best summed up by Michael Douglas’s iconic character Gordon Gekko with his famous line: “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

With all due respect to Mr. Gekko, I disagree. And so does Bernie Sanders.

Our nation’s economy of greed has demonstrated two abilities above all others. The ability to turn nature into money and the ability to stuff that money into the wallets of a very select few.

How can an economy that concentrates as much wealth in the wallets of its three biggest winners as it does with its 160 million biggest losers be sustainable? It can’t. How can an economy that is propped up by an energy infrastructure that is quite literally killing us be sustainable? It can’t. How can an economy sustain itself when vast numbers of its people are an emergency room visit away from financial ruin? It can’t.

Bernie understands these things.

In order to create a United States that can live up to its own dream we need a president whose solutions are as momentous as the challenges staring us down; a leader who understands that a minor tweak here or there will accomplish nothing; a leader willing to change the game that has been rigged against us all.

And while I will enthusiastically vote for whichever candidate is not named Donald Trump in November; in February, I will be voting for Bernie Sanders and I hope that you will join me!


18 Allen Court


(This writer, a Democrat, represents Keene’s Ward 4 in the N.H. House.)