The front-page article “The dismal season ahead: lower temperatures and higher prices” (Oct. 28) is excellent.

As a New Hampshire state legislator representing three Cheshire County towns and serving on the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee, I have seen firsthand the politics that have led us to this sad situation. All three surrounding states have excellent energy-efficiency programs that analyze what is needed and get the work done, for more than a quarter century now. Efficiency in home heating (via insulation etc.), as this article states, not only reduces costs but also makes the residents more comfortable, so they can be productive instead of sitting on a sofa under a quilt watching brain-rotting daytime TV to kill time in comfort, a sad scene I saw a few years ago.

Americans for Prosperity, an organization founded by oil billionaires as a tax-deductible “charity,” seems to have been working in this state since 2011 or 2012, trying to dismantle a regional multi-state program (called RGGI for Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) that provided some funds for energy efficiency. Americans for Prosperity is still around and probably active. (Or why would they be still here?)

A good question to ask is where that organization fits in the current overall energy policy evolution. Another good question is, what is wrong with me and the rest of the legislators — or the voting public — that can’t seem to put a stop to it?

Months ago on my suggestion you printed an op-ed of mine that had appeared in the Union Leader, and its theme was that with our wasteful energy policy we were “robbing ourselves blind.” This must not continue.



(The writer, a Democrat, represents Cheshire District 2 in the N.H. House.)