As a life-long educator, retired after 35 years in the classroom and 20 at Keene High School, I remain active and concerned about public education. That’s why I am very pleased that Elizabeth Warren has advanced plans to protect and strengthen our public schools.

The public education system is the foundation of our democracy, built on the principle that all children are entitled to a strong education to give them the skills and knowledge that will enable them to participate in their nation’s progress, either as informed voters or as elected officials. Recently, there have been some troubling developments that are eroding the strength of our public education system and the ideals upon which it was founded.

A major and growing concern is the rise of charter schools. Some, it is true, might be beneficial for very specific special needs, though it makes much more sense to incorporate any reform into the existing system.

Elizabeth Warren is well informed of these issues and has concrete plans to correct what’s wrong and strengthen what’s right. Warren is pledged to hold these sometimes flawed institutions (or businesses, as most of them are) to the same standards as public schools. In her words, “I will oppose the authorization of new charter schools that do not meet the levels of transparency and accountability as public schools.” And “my administration will crack down on union-busting and discriminatory enrollment and “require boards to include parents and members of the public.”

She would end federal funding for the expansion of charter schools, because that funding does not, by its very definition, apply to private establishments. Closely related to that would be her banning of for-profit charter schools. That is clearly not what public education is about. The IRS, under her administration, would investigate so-called nonprofit schools. She would enforce whistleblowing actions against these businesses, including those that falsify enrollment numbers to gain more tax money.

Unlike many politicians who remain vague and uninformed, and particularly unlike those who twist the truth to protect their donors, Warren’s plan is forthright, honest and concrete.

With heartfelt sincerity,


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