The Democrats have a fine slate of options in this upcoming primary election. In my opinion, Elizabeth Warren rises above the rest.

Elizabeth Warren has a history of getting things done. She was the driving force behind the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and has fought tirelessly to protect the poor and middle class from predatory financial institutions. Elizabeth’s vision for a more fair and equitable capitalism is one that I think will appeal across the ideological spectrum.

Elizabeth Warren not only supports Medicare For All, she’s figured out a plan to make it happen. She recognizes that our current health insurance system is ridiculously expensive and inefficient, and that fiddling around at the edges really won’t be enough to bring costs under control. She knows that it will take big, structural change to make health care affordable for everyone.

I also like her ideas for encouraging municipal broadband. She wants to cut down state-level barriers that prevent towns and cities from investing in publicly owned fiber optic networks, in the same way they invest in projects to build roads or water and sewer systems. In the Monadnock Region, building out that kind of a public option for broadband would boost an economy that has lagged as a result of underdeveloped telecommunications systems.

I think Elizabeth Warren will make an excellent president, and I will be voting for her in the primary election on Feb. 11.


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(This writer represents Ward 2 on the Keene City Council.)