It will require persistence to reverse the harm done to civil society, the constitution and to the Senate by the cult supporting Trump.

This may be the beginning of the desperate last gasp of the climate change-denying Republican Party, oblivious to the required alterations in platform to respond to the threatened and overburdened planet and inevitable demographic changes coming. The scientific community warns us about the existential threat needing priority change. A majority of voters will soon be minorities; there is too low a pool of workers to fill positions in frustrated employment sectors unable to expand their profitable enterprises or move toward alternative energy. Yet aging, white, male Republicans are blind to “impeachable” offenses and the planet on fire, deny immigration of hard-working innovative new workers, and their version of racism seems to inflame hate crimes and random mass shootings in the country.

Dramatically flipping the presidency and Senate in the fall elections is the first step in addressing that harm.

We can expect coming unchecked Republican efforts to suppress the vote, whether through gerrymandering or barriers targeting existing minority and youth voters. It may be too much to hope for a critical-thinking and mobilized electorate to see through the packed courts and the cheering squad that blinded the Senate to impeachable offenses, but the next election may be our last chance to keep our republic.

To me, the choice of Elizabeth Warren is the most sensible way to begin the massive restoration of civil society based on scientific evidence and effective advocacy for working people. She can win elections against Republicans like Scott Brown. Her skilled mind and developed plans, including the Green New Deal, will overwhelm the twittering, shallow and ignorant choice of an unpopular Trump and the McConnell Republicans.

She will best harvest the sea-change election of responsible candidates in the fall. Her success in designing and establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against Wall Street and banking interests recommends her persistence and victory against the rigged and unchecked system.

I will work with passion and dedication with whomever the Democrats select against Trump, the most dangerous threat to democracy in U.S. history. I can only hope that the lasting damage by the Trump wrecking crew can be reversed, and that the desperate last act of the Republicans was not intended to destroy the system. They are unable to succeed in using reason and evidence in their appeals to voters.



28 Damon Court


(This writer is a Cheshire County commissioner.)