Those of us concerned about the climate crisis can feel heartened by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s comments at a house party in Lebanon this month.

She was asked, essentially, what difference do all of her policies make, if we destroy our planet? She replied warmly and passionately about “the existential threat” to life on Earth and then outlined her plans to get carbon-based fossil fuel/Koch brothers money out of Washington in order to restore American leadership and work toward the health of our planet.

She is so right. Recently The Washington Post revealed in a special report that fossil-fuel companies, including Koch Industries, have spent millions of dollars over the past several decades undermining our clear scientific understanding of human-created climate change in order to change the national consensus to do something about this crisis. Unfortunately, their efforts have succeeded, creating confusion and uncertainty about what is now clear: We have a climate emergency. It is caused by human burning of carbon-based fuels. We must act now.

Kudos to Sen. Warren for speaking honestly and forcefully about what we need to do to prevent a climate crisis from becoming a climate catastrophe.



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