There is so much at stake in this election, and far too much to lose. But the truth is, we can only win in November if we choose a nominee not out of fear, but out of our deep belief as to what is possible. We need a candidate ready to meet this moment and not only defeat Donald Trump, but who also has a proven track record of taking on economic injustice, fighting for our values, and bringing big, structural change.

That candidate is Elizabeth Warren. Before she ever ran for public office, Elizabeth has been a change maker.

As a bankruptcy expert, Elizabeth saw that our economy was working great for those at the top — just not for working families. So she conceived of a federal agency that would hold financial institutions accountable and fight on behalf of consumers. Republicans and even some Democrats told her it would never happen. But she persisted — and won, all before even stepping foot into elected office. That agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has gone on to return more than $12 billion dollars to 29 million Americans.

And when Republicans blocked her nomination to run the agency she created, she ran for Senate. In 2012, she challenged a popular, moderate, incumbent Republican — and was down 17 points at the start of her race. By election night? She defeated him by seven points — a nearly unheard of 24-point swing.

Elizabeth knows how to fight, and she knows how to win. Elizabeth imagines what is possible, and then does the work to make it happen. On Feb. 11, I ask you to do the same.

Imagine a country where higher education is affordable, and where health care is a human right.

Imagine a country that leads in addressing climate change, and where decisions in Washington aren’t bought and paid for.

And imagine a country where every child receives a high-quality education, and never has to do an active-shooter drill again.

Fighting for these common causes is what big, structural change is all about. Yes, change is ambitious, and requires plans and hard work — and it’s impossible if you admit defeat before you’ve even begun.

We’re going to win by fighting for an America that works for everyone. I believe that Elizabeth Warren is going to be the one to do it because she’s done it before.


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