We are very heartened by Elizabeth Warren’s commitment to dealing with the two big crises of our times: stagnating wages and limited job opportunities for the middle class, and the climate crisis that threatens the futures of our children and grandchildren.

A recent national poll found that 40 percent of American families struggle each month to pay their bills, while the vast majority of Americans also worry about the impact of climate change.

At a recent house party here in New Hampshire we heard Sen. Warren discuss her green manufacturing plan. She wants to ramp up federal support for clean energy research and development — with the provision that the many jobs created by this investment must stay in the United States, not be sent offshore.

And she plans to commit to federal purchase of American-made clean, renewable, energy products for federal, state and local use, and for export abroad.

We believe Warren’s plans could revitalize our New Hampshire economy.

One independent source has estimated Warren’s “economic patriotism” plans could create over a million well-paying jobs while also fighting the climate crisis.

We hope all voters take a careful look at Sen. Warren’s green manufacturing plan.



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