Like FDR, Elizabeth Warren believes in the power of government to do good and she gets results (e.g. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — her idea).

Those are two reasons I am supporting her, as well as because she’s:

1) Tough and smart with bold ideas and can beat Trump by inspiring women (2017-19 has been dominated by women winning races across the country at all levels), people of color, young people and independents to vote;

And, 2) she’s got plans to: tax the ultra-wealthy, break up the big banks and big tech, and reduce economic inequality; comprehensively reform the criminal justice system; raise the federal minimum wage to $15; create 10 million green union jobs; aggressively fight global warming in the United States and get leaders around the world to collaborate to solve the biggest threat to all life on the planet; and slash the military budget while rebuilding our strategic alliances and focusing on diplomacy, not war, to resolve conflicts.

Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Warren for president on Feb. 11: “Dream Big, Fight Hard.” — Elizabeth Warren


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