Next year’s election won’t just mark a turning point for our nation’s next four years, it will decide if we will return dignity and honor to the Oval Office.

I’m a Vietnam-era veteran, and I want our next commander-in-chief to uphold the American values we all value. I’m wholeheartedly supporting the best candidate to uphold those values, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

As for prior public service, Elizabeth spent her career as a bankruptcy expert studying why American families go broke. After seeing how rigged it is — how Americans were repeatedly exploited by big corporations — she founded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the first federal department dedicated exclusively to fighting for consumers against corporations.

Sen. Warren’s superb understanding of the American economy — and how to fix it — is unparalleled in the Democratic field.

Elizabeth’s plans are all focused on the central mission of big, structural change, and fixing how and who government works for: plans like canceling student loan debt, increasing Social Security benefits by $200 a month; Medicare-for-all and, most recently; improving services and benefits for veterans like me, all show her commitment to fighting on behalf of everyday people.

It’s time we had a president who has the vision, knowledge, and most importantly the plans to get our government back on track. I’m proud that my vote will be for Elizabeth Warren.



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