Taxpayers have spent the equivalent of 296 years of the president’s salary on his golf habit, millions of which have gone to line his pockets.

Our democracy is in shreds; dedicated government workers are demoralized. Our foreign policy is erratic, run by self-serving ego and petty vindictiveness.

Meanwhile, hard-working Democrats in Congress have passed more than 400 pieces of legislation that have been blocked in the Senate by “Moscow Mitch” McConnell.

We need a Democratic president who is smart, persistent, and will thrive in a roll up your sleeves environment. We need someone who will bring in brilliant people and (like a good teacher) insist on getting the best out of everyone.

She’ll have worked on the national stage and have a proven ability to carry through on large projects, such as building the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

She will always be learning, able to course-correct when called for, and work down-ballot to support the entire party. She will jump straight in to halt environmental degradation and re-empower the working class, and will back up aspirational ideas with hard data and rational plans. She will bring a steady hand to guiding our international interests.

She will also bring Bailey, who is a very good dog, to the White House! Please vote for Elizabeth Warren in the New Hampshire primary.



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