Every year, members of our community come together to commemorate my grandmother, Granny D, and her fight for campaign finance reform, by walking from her home in Dublin to downtown Peterborough. I was particularly proud to participate alongside a group of fellow Elizabeth Warren supporters this year, because of the approach she has taken to funding her campaign.

No lobbyist money. No PAC money. No billionaires or dark money super-PACs, and no high-dollar fundraising. She is committed to relying on grassroots fundraising from small dollar donors — just like my Granny D.

Now Elizabeth has extended the pledge she made for her primary campaign to the general election — and just last week released a new plan for campaign finance as well. As president, she will fight for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, strengthen FEC enforcement of our campaign finance laws, and create a system to publicly fund our elections.

This is how we will break the grip of the wealthy and well-connected on power in elections, and that is why Elizabeth will not accept PAC money or solicit donations from wealthy donors.

If we want to truly reform our system — we need to elect Elizabeth, and remake our campaign finance system from top to bottom.


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