The people are speaking with their votes!

So far, in over 42 towns and cities, residents are voicing their support by voting overwhelmingly “yes” to approving local warrant articles concerning fair, nonpartisan redistricting. My heartfelt thanks to those voters, Democrats, independents and Republicans for supporting fairness in our elections. Fairness begins with how our voting districts are drawn.

The Special Committee on Redistricting and Gov. Sununu need to listen.

Voters want their votes to matter, and feel like they need to take this local action because their state leaders aren’t listening.

How is it that a state which elected a president from one party, has also elected a majority of representatives to the N.H. General Court from the other party? The answer is gerrymandering. And it is more widespread than the obvious shape of Executive Council District 2, which the governor acknowledges as “weird.” Governor and committee members, please educate yourselves about N.H. Senate Districts 9, 11, 12 and 15. Please look at the 62 towns like Hudson and Pelham that met the N.H. Constitution’s population threshold, entitling them to their own House districts, and yet did not get their own representatives in 2011 due to gerrymandering.

When the U.S. Census releases the 2020 demographic data this fall, know that New Hampshire voters will be following the work of this committee to ensure that political affiliation is not one of the criteria used for redrawing the maps. They will be following the actions of the governor to ensure that he represents all voters, and that he upholds the N.H. Constitution.

In a democracy, the people want to know that those elected and responsible for how our state is governed are committed to being fair and transparent. We want our votes to matter.