Thomas Jefferson told us that democracy requires an educated electorate. But it needs something else, as well. Democracy requires patience.

Too many people voted without patience last time. Perhaps they’d become used to the pace of technological change and thought that democracy should pick up the pace. They could have voted for someone with similar values, but they didn’t. They voted out of fear, and we got a demagogue who promised a quick fix for our complicated problems.

Democracy doesn’t work that way. Democracy requires patience.

Winston Churchill told us that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. Meaning, of course, that although democracy is a terrible form of government, at its worst, it’s better than any other.

When people vote out of fear, rather than hope, they put our democracy in jeopardy. Choose hope, rather than fear, and we may yet save our democracy. Otherwise, we are lost.

Democracy requires patience.

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