Like many of you, I have been taking lots of walks during this time of COVID-19. I was on one of those walks when I met a neighbor, who shared that things were going well for her despite the crisis surrounding us all. She remarked, “I think Sununu seems to have done a reasonably good job. I’m not a Republican though!”

Maybe you feel similarly. Maybe you vote for Democrats because you support increased access to health care, paid family leave, clean energy to fight climate change, an end to gerrymandering and holding the wealthy accountable for their fair share of educating our children.

Please think deeply about how we can accomplish these goals because if you choose to vote for Gov. Sununu you are assuring that none of them will be realized. In the last two years alone, he has vetoed 79 bills concerning all of these issues, and much of it had support from his fellow Republicans. The previous record for vetoes was 28.

Sununu is no moderate. Remember he’s the one who declared, “I’m a Trump guy through and through.”


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