Pat Martin has my vote for Cheshire 11 state representative. She should also have yours. Pat Martin is a forward-thinking candidate who will represent all of us, regardless of political affiliation.

I first met Pat two years ago, when I relocated to Rindge. She immediately impressed me with her abundant energy and passion for helping people across our region save money on heating and cooling through energy audits and affordable fixes to energy waste. Pat Martin is addressing our needs today, while keeping an eye on the future. She is a strong supporter of reducing fossil fuels with lower-cost clean energy solutions.

The climate crisis is not a trending fad or political hoax. It is a scientific reality that will take political will and widespread commitment to reverse. Pat Martin is a leader who can provide those solutions and bring people together to create a bright tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.

Whether you go to the polls on Nov. 3 or send your ballot early by mail, be sure you cast your vote for a better future. Vote for Pat Martin.


97 Old Jaffrey Road