I attended via Zoom the recent Candidate’s Forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Ledger-Transcript. After hearing each of the Select Board candidates, it became clear to me that Bill Kennedy has the most positive vision for Peterborough and the skills to deliver it. He proved at the Forum that he knows how to express thoughts clearly with answers that have substance.

To Bill, economic development is a priority, and he contributes countless volunteer hours on many of the town’s boards and committees, including EDA and the TIF advisory committee. He advocates for a vibrant school system, business recruitment, business expansion and job creation… economic drivers which attract business owners and employees to Peterborough.

Bill has been a long-time supporter of our police and fire departments. One of the biggest decisions this town must make soon is when to replace the structurally deteriorating fire station and DPW garage and how to pay for them. Do we build now or later when cost will certainly be higher?

We should not take good town management for granted. We need people on our Select Board who are committed to provide the best services, able to utilize our tax dollars in the wisest manner and free to serve without a conflict of interest. I trust Bill on all these points.

Bill has worked in both small and large businesses and owned a highly successful robotics business. I am confident that he will work with the town administration, boards, and committees to identify ways to sharpen operational capabilities; be more efficient through technology; save money by zero-based budgeting and eliminating non-essential areas of spending; and generate more income.

Please check out Bill’s Facebook Page, Bill.Kennedy.71 for his many qualifications. His background is more than impressive. With Kennedy, the town will remain on very solid footing. Join me in voting for him.