If ever there was a time to vote blue for New Hampshire, this is it.

The voters spoke in the 2018 election and installed a Democratic majority in both houses of the N.H. state Legislature. That led to the passage of bipartisan bills establishing a livable minimum wage, voting rights protections, independent redistricting to do away with gerrymandering, motor vehicle emissions controls, renewable energy, dental benefits for Medicaid recipients, and more.

Sound great? It was great — right up until our Republican governor, Chris Sununu, vetoed those bills and more. In fact, rather than working with state senators and representatives, Sununu set a modern record for vetoing bills. So much for the will of the people.

Let’s give our local representatives a chance to accomplish the job we elect them to do. I’m voting for Dan Pickering, the incumbent state rep who represents the people of Bennington, Greenfield and Hancock. His priorities:

End the downshifting of taxes to towns and homeowners;

Better options for our health;

More opportunities for all of our kids;

A sustainable planet.

Hancock folks and others who live in the 10-town District 38 will also want to vote to re-elect Rep. Jim Bosman and elect Stephanie Hyland to the state House of Representatives. For state Senate, let’s re-elect Jeanne Dietsch to the 9th District.

Check the box for Dan Feltes for governor. We need someone in the corner office who will put the people’s interests before corporate interests.



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