This year’s elections are perhaps the most important in all our lifetimes, and for generations to follow. And primaries are far more important than many voters realize.

In the run for governor I strongly endorse Andru Volinsky. The more I have studied his record the more impressed I am. He is truly a rare public servant, not a politician.

He puts citizenship above partisanship, something more citizens are finally seeking as they become aware of the downside of our two-party system, a downside about which this nation’s founding fathers forewarned.

Andru has not taken “the pledge,” a brave decision important to many of us elders living on limited retirement savings and wanting to remain in our beloved family homes. He has been endorsed by organizations such as the Sierra Club, as well as several groups of the younger generation, such as the Sunrise Movements, who are keenly aware of climate change and what it means for their futures.

New Hampshire postal workers, Rights and Democracy N.H., Bernie Sanders, Ben and Jerry and more are his supporters. More than a decade ago the late activist Granny D walked in Allentown with Andru, to protest the Claremont school funding case. I’ve also seen what Andru has done for individuals facing almost hopeless futures.

Lastly, filings confirm that he has not accepted, and I believe never will, corporate donations that current policy loopholes allow. My endorsement may alienate some very personable activists and elected officials, staunch loyalists of both major parties, but it is in good conscience what I know I must do.

Please do your own homework and then, for our mutual futures, join me as you cast your votes.


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