I am supporting Andru Volinsky for governor because he has well-thought-out solutions to education funding and changing decreasing the property tax burden for our community.

While I have had the opportunity to hear him speak, I was most impressed with Andru after he came down to Winchester to meet with our community before our March elections. He is very committed to helping us, as a community, grow our understanding of not only what is wrong with school funding in the state of New Hampshire, but how to fix it.

He explained a very complicated situation, made it easy to understand, and talked to us about how it affects our community and every community, specifically. His knowledge of the problem and how it impacts every single community in the state is crucial to being able to fix the problem. For the first time in a long time, I can see a leader who has the knowledge to make real change to FIX the education-funding problem in our state.

His passion for understanding and fixing the problems of all New Hampshire residents is what really stands out to me. Whether it is helping us with the immediate concerns of health care access or the bigger picture issues of climate change and protecting our beautiful state, he understands what needs to be done. I am proud to support him as the next governor of New Hampshire.

Join me in voting for him in the Democratic primary on Sept. 8.


7 Swan St.