The letter by Gerhard Bedding, “Is this the country you want to live in?” (The Keene Sentinel, Oct. 28, p. A5), is disquieting to say the least. After reading it and the reference given, my opinion is that the letter was submitted to convince readers that our country’s major health agencies, viz. the FDA and CDC, are corrupt and do not care about citizens’ health, especially regarding the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

My opinion is that the information cited from secondary and even tertiary literature is bogus and does not support the grave accusations conveyed that may lead some readers to make decisions (such as NOT being vaccinated for COVID-19 for non-medical reasons) that could jeopardize their life and the health of family, friends and community. Freedom of speech does not mean that individuals and the media are free to communicate false information without giving verifiable data and information (especially regarding health care) demanded by science.

While the aforementioned and other health-care agencies of our country are not perfect, especially when issues are politicized, maintaining and improving the health of U.S. and even other global citizens are the purposes fully served. Thus, this is the country I want to continue to live in.



(The writer is a retired cardiovascular pharmacologist.)

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